Amir Uqdah

Independent Game Developer

I'm an aspiring self-driven game developer that loves to make cool games and talk about game-theory, performance optimization, and algorithmic automation techniques. I also consume large quantities of food and like giving out free hugs.


Mario HFT Fan Game (2015)

a phone-based local multiplayer game

a game made in 12 hours for UCLA's Local Hack Day. It allows anyone with a phone to play, replacing the controller and keyboard as standard methods of play. I programmed all aspects gameplay and aesthetics. I also used GIMP and Magica Voxel to take existing sprites convert them into simple 3D models for a 2.5D look.
  • 2nd Place

Underquest (2014)

a game about pickups and strategy

a game made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 29. It's about avoiding "bad guys" and protecting yourself with buffs and pickups. I programmed and debugged all aspects gameplay, AI, and aesthetics. Worked with a designer to give feedback on art and design direction.
  • #43 Graphics(Jam) 4.43
  • #118 Fun(Jam) 3.49
  • #166 Overall(Jam) 3.53
  • #364 Mood(Jam) 3.07
  • #370 Innovation(Jam) 3.02
  • #536 Humor(Jam) 2.15
  • #578 Theme(Jam) 2.68
  • #1547 Coolness 45%
  • out of 2K entries

BashBall CodeDay LA 2015

a game about fluidity and breaking stuff

a game made in 12 hours for Code Day Los Angeles Spring 2015 hosted by StudentRND at CTRL Collective.Inspired by Pong and Breakout, the game's objective is to break all shapes in a timely manner while achieving fluidity. I generated random polygons and developed a small algorithm to triangulate them in a manifold manner. Sounds were made using bfxr. This was a solo project that won the "Best Game Award".
  • "Best Game" Award
  • Down (2014)

    a game about emotion and atmosphere

    a game made over several weeks in order to study mesh geometry, shaders, and the effect that sound has in an interactive scene. I spent a large majority of my time designing GUI, sounds, and adding particle effects to immerse players in an explorable scene. I coded all aspects of this game, including a complex event system. Art was made using GIMP and Inkscape and all 3D models were procedurally generated.
    • N/A

    Realtime TUI Project (2014)

    a technical project on real-time ASCII

    This project was conducted over the span of 3 months as personal technical challenge and project. I was curious to see if I could make the command line that was packaged with every default Windows operating system become capable of rendering light-weight real time textual user-interfaces. I hooked into system-level DLL's and managed to enable double buffering and created custom resolution buffers and GUI components including a scrollable dialoge, chat logs, and embedded command line.
    • N/A

    Old Stuff (2013)

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